"This place is amazing!!! My cat was diagnosed with a bladder stone at another vet's office at the cost of almost $400. Then they wanted $1280-$1850 to perform surgery. CAWS quoted me half that price! The staff I met and spoke to were efficient, knowledgable, and understanding. AMAZING I say!"

~ Dayna G

"I have never used this service but have dreamed about something similar for a very long time! Congrats and God bless! If volunteers are needed please let me know. . From bathing to just spending time!!!"

~ Cheryl R

"Thank you CAWS for repairing our kitty, Baby Rose's wounded leg with heart and compassion :) We would have lost our kitty today if not for this veterinary hospital..our family will now be a contributor and supporter of CAWS RI :)"

~ Julie J

"My little Ruby is doing great after her dental procedure at CAWS. I have 6 animals, which happens when you volunteer at a shelter...lol...BUT my regular vet charges almost 3 times the price for the same exact procedure. When you have 6 animals to properly care for, that can really break the bank. I even asked my regular vet if they could give me any type of multiple pet discount and they declined. Thank You CAWS!"

~ Kimberly C

"I want to take a moment to thank your whole staff for helping oakley you guys are the best oakleys home and doing good thank you so much for what you have done for him it means so much to me I will forever be thankful to you"

~ Jessica D

"Took my pup they on Friday to be spayed. They are amazing. Called me at 7pm that night to check on Izzabella. Great place and great caring people"

~ Margery B

"Awesome, amazing people who dedicate their time to saving animals. They truly love and care for all pets."

~ Courtney H

"They are Amazing!!! Wonderful people and fantastic Doctors and staff. I would not go anywhere else. They operated on my kittens eye to prevent further pain and possible blindness. Couldn't ask for more experienced Doctors. They are truly the best. I recommend to everyone I know. Thank you for helping my little family."

~ Sandy M

"My male Sparkie was neutered at CAW's 3 weeks ago. I received excellent service and was very happy with how they treated my fur baby. I recommend CAW's to any onewho is need of their services...Thank you every one..."

~ Sharon Z

"Great! Called and got an appt. same day, even took us a little early! Cat has a bit of a "cattitude" and they handled him with great care! Wouldn't think twice about going back again and again! Thanks for having such a great practice!"

~ Meredith B

"Professional, low cost veterinary care! I volunteer for a non profit called Hands that Heal RI and we refer several of our clients to CAWS. They have been very happy to find a place that they can afford to take their pets. Thank you to the employees and volunteers at CAWS for all of your hard work!"

~ Tania C

"I love how they take very excellent care of my baby boy binx! Such nice people to talk to!!!!"

~ Beverly P

"Caring and knowledgeable staff. Dr. Plumb has an obvious love for animals and it shows in her care and commitment to our animals and CAWS."

~ Lori K

"Aside from the compassion and caring people who work there and offer affordable services for residents and rescues, Dr. Plumb is a GREAT vet!! Paws NE is amazed to have them on the team!!"

~ Joanne H

"I have to say this place is amazing! Last week my pug had a uti and this place is based on low income so i was able to take her to the vet for a decent price! They did not try to do all kinds of tests that were not needed. Just what had to be done!"

~ Kristina L

"Amazing care and service! I have found a new vet for my 4 legged babies!!"

~ Michaela V

"Amazing caring & compassionate!! ~ Lee-Ann M

"Caring and knowledgeable - my new favorite people! Thank you for taking such good care of my fur baby, Bosco!"

~ Pamela L

"Beyond AMAZING! So compassionate, it's nice to know people still care!"

~ Kendra L

"Great place to take your pets! Outstanding Vets!"

~ Rob E

"Friendly staff and always welcoming. I've referred several people to CAWS and all have had positive experiences. I have brought a couple of rescue kitten litters there and they gladly helped spaying/neutering and vaccinating so they could be adopted into good homes. Also have gotten my own cats altered there and will continue using them. One person I referred to lives 3 hours from there and she drove all the way there after I raved about them and their ability to provide affordable and dependable, thorough pet services. I hope to see the community give back with donations and fundraising help if ever the opportunity to do so, so CAWS can continue doing what they do."

~ Kathleen B

"If I were living there again, I would love to work there. I am a vet tech in Tennessee."

~ Melinda S

"I highly recommend using CAWS!!! I went there with my cat for the first time today. As nervous as I was having my cat neutered, everything seems great so far! Hes resting up now. I want to thank CAWS for making Vet care affordable, I thought I was going to have to give up my cat, aka my furry son, due to him spraying and us moving into a new place with carpets, but with CAWS it was possible!"

~ Celeste A

"My mother's dog scooby was sick recently, we had no idea what was wrong with him and we thought the worst with all of his symptoms. The staff and doctor at CAWS are absolutely amazing taking scooby right in , admitting him, giving fluids and tests and taking absolute great care of him. They did all of this at such a reasonable price for my mom including medications and special food that he needed. My mom is extremely greatful, and so am I. We all love Scooby so very very much. Thanks to all of you . I know scooby will be a regular patient there now, as well I will bring my dogs"

~ Leigh B

"Amazing place & people!! Thank You!!" ~ Dana C

"I think I just found my new vet!?" ~ Jennifer C

"My sisters dog Brianna was going to have surgery that was $1200 but thanks to this place they did it for $300. they are seriously the best place to take your animals. thank you so much xo."

~ Ashley C

"The people at CAWS helped us out more than I could've ever imagined. We had a cat who needed a specialized procedure in order to save his life, and after calling numerous places for help and being turned down repeatedly, I found caws and they told me to come down right away. From the very beginning they quoted us 800-900 for a procedure that I didn't get a quote less than 2500 from other vets. They saved Spencer's life and we couldn't thank them enough for all the help and compassion they gave to us. I would recommend caws to absolutely anyone and we are forever grateful!!!"

~ Nicole N

"The Best Around! They treat your pet like a person.and they will do what ever it takes to help you and your animal get through the pain.after all they are family again thank you caws for all you have done."

~ Jay M

"This place is awesome now THEY really care about animals me and my babies Love CAWS."

~ Kathy K

"Amazing Vet Doctor!"

~ Peter G

"Amazing pets especially dogs are truly a gift from God They do so much and ask so little in return. If I can help I'm here."

~ Jeanne H

"Absolutely love this place! U suggest it to everyone!"

~ Rin L

CAWS Veterinary Hospital

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